Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Monaco Terraces, Moorooka

Project Details

30 Glen Street Moorooka 4105

Estimated Project Time Frame

18 months

Project Updates

Project Update as at 2nd November 2017

  • BCCC has approved the Civils and “ Build over Sewer” permit
  • Queensland Urban Utilities have approved the submission
  • Contractors are preparing civils for Undercroft, the platform the hold up the development off the ground in accordance to the overland flooding.
  • Builders to commence on hydraulic engineering over month of November

Project Update as at 27th September, 2017:

  • Engineering and Plumbing certification approved
  • BA has been approved - copy uploaded below
  • Piers to support overcroft are being bored and installed
  • 3 Sales
  • Estimated Completion Date: April 2018

Approved BA plans

Project Update as at 28th August 2017:

  • BA and Civil engineering is approved
  • We have had some minor designing changes for our suspended slab over the main water pipe on the left hand side of the property as the pipe is only 450mm underground
  • We have designed a cantilever suspended slab solution for this issue not to interrupt BCC main water line
  • Piers for the Suspended Slab will be erected by end of August
  • Suspended slab formwork to be erected thereafter
  • New Fence installed
  • We anticipate formwork to commence September 15th
  • Sales - 3 EOI’s
  • New site video uploaded
  • Expected Completion date December 2017

Project Update as at 22nd July 2017:

  • Council approved the stage 1 BA
  • Council approved tree removals for all trees
  • Council approved relocation of main water pipe on left hand boundary
  • Council approved relocation of drive way

Project Update as at 14th June 2017:

  • Preparation for 26 Footings done
  • Negotiations are ongoing with the council relating to the placement of driveway after which time the BA will be approved
  • Structural engineering is in process of being approved with Brisbane City Council

Project Update as at 28th April 2017:

Project update from Vested Capital

Project Update as at 22nd December 2016:

  • Demolition has commenced.
  • Civil engineers will be on site from the 9th January to lay out concrete piers for the site footings.
  • Construction and earthworks to commence around the 20th January.
  • Site is being wrapped over Christmas in order to advertise the project to attract further pre sales.

Project Update as at 28th November 2016:

  • Site is currently being prepared for demolition with contractor David Wright.
  • Building site will be wrapped as of December 12th
  • Engineering & plumbing are in the final stages of approval with Brisbane City Council for the BA.
  • Construction facility was settled on November 18th.
  • Public pre sale campaign to start shortly.
  • 2 pre sales have now been obtained.

Project Update as at 24th October 2016:

  • Civil and Engineering plans are currently being approved by Brisbane City Council.
  • BA ( Building Approval ) is going through Brisbane City Council.
  • Fixed build tender pricing is being reviewed this week between TDM Constructions and GCB Constructions.
  • Demolition to commence by the 12th November.

Project Update as at 16th September 2016:

  • DA Approved 8th September.
  • Preliminary works are expected to commence in 3 weeks.
  • Marketing campaign to begin in 3 weeks.
  • Estimated build time on a fixed contract is 16 -20 weeks.
  • 1 pre-sale has been obtained for unit 3.

Project Update as at 21st July 2016:

Demolition and Construction to start after below points are addressed.
We anticipate that the below requirements will be finalised by 10th of August
BCC have until the 12th of August to finalise the DA submission.

Final stages of DA Approval , items being address below

  • Engineering modifications to driveway and adjustments to crossover.
  • Bin collection needs extra 450mm of storage space.
  • Pressure and flow test conducted on 19th of July determined that no pump/fire is needed.
  • Minor amendments to communal space at rear of site.
  • More deep seed planting required at boundaries of property.
  • Stormwater Management Plan was submitted to RFI.

Project Update as at 27th May 2016:

  • TDM Constructions has been chosen as builder.
  • Fixed Build Price with TDM has been confirmed.
  • DA Application has been submitted 3 weeks ago , attending to minor issues. Expected Approval in 6 weeks.
  • BA ( Building Approval Certificate ) has commenced with Builder for DA Approval
  • Demolition of site will commence in 10 weeks
  • Marketing and Pre-sale campaign will commence in 8 months
  • Build time: 6-8 months after DA has been approved with Brisbane City Council
  • Monthly Video updates will start around July 2016

Project Update as at 19th April 2016:

  • Development Application has been submitted. The DA was submitted through a process called RiskSMART which is a fast tracking process offered by the Brisbane City Council. The approval timeframe offered by BCC for RiskSMART applications is between 5 – 10 working days.
  • Marketing & Sales will commence in approximately 5 weeks after DA has been approved.
  • Settlement on land occurred last week
  • Construction is estimated to commence in 6 -8 weeks

Based on the timeframes provided in the PPO the current project timeframe is running approximately 1.5 months behind. The developers anticipate that this time will be made up during the construction process.

We have also included past project updates provided by the developers for your perusal.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Project Update as at 6th April 2016:

  • Town planning meeting held last week (28th March) with all contractors and builders to finalise plans.
  • Brisbane City Council has reviewed the development and provided some requirements for a larger communal area at the rear of the site for all residents to use.
  • The site contains 8 car parks in line to BCC new scheme of providing more space for residents who are more than 400m away from a major train line.
  • Landscape Designer has also been engaged, and we will be submitting the DA application to BCC next week.
  • The tender has gone out to four large building companies, (expected by 10th of April) the Fixed build details will be finalised relative to changes the sites has undergone with design elements and material use.
  • Full coloured Renders for this site will be available in 7-10 days.
  • Full walk through video will also be delivered with material specification in 3 weeks.

Project Update as at February 2016:

  • We are waiting for engineer water flow plans to be finished. This will be finished next week.
  • Floor plans and DA package to be finalised next week.
  • Marketing Brochure will be finalised when the design elements have been finished based upon the engineer’s water flow report, late next week.
  • Renders for this project have commenced last week, should have rough examples by end of next week.

Project Update as at 27th January 2016:

  • Project Fully Subscribed.
  • Renders & Finishes are being finalised.
  • Pending approval of the DA, developers to engage Builder to start construction on site around April.
  • Town planning and Architectural Development Approval (DA) packages are completed.
  • Marketing material and brochures design commenced.

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