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Buy High Returning Properties In America With Peace Of Mind

Posted by Paul Wilson

Investors wanting to enjoy a great buying opportunity in America look no further.

Finally a service that provides hassle free property buying, selling and management in the United States.

 Our American team are dedicated to be the best turnkey property investment and management service for our customers in the USA

 Recent Sales Examples in US Dollars:

 3br home sold in 10/03 for $106K, investor has now purchased for $19K and the property rents for $1,200 per month which is a 75% return.

 3br home purchased for $15,500 renting for $850 per month = 65.8% return

 5br home purchased in 03/03 for $122K investor has now purchased for $34,500 and rents for $1,100 per month = 38% return

 4br home purchased in 03/98 for $99K, investor has now purchased for $32K and rents for $1,100 per month = 41% return.

 It is now possible to purchase, renovate and lease your investment property with peace of mind with a team who are the specialists in long term, high yield property investments. Dedicated to customer service and long term property partnerships.

 You will be guided through the entire process from:

* selecting a property

* managing any improvements or renovations

* securing a tenant, managing your property or selling your property.

 Our experienced team is here to smooth out the process and fully manage every aspect of your investment.

 Online you will have access to a web based customer log in page where you are able to view and be an active part of every process that involves your property.

Not only viewing of financial statements, but having the ability to view the progress of any maintenance, through the use of pictures and videos. All this and more, will be at your finger tips.

 Our team consists of licensed agents, professional closing companies, attorneys and certified accountants.

 You will be dealing with not just another real estate investment company, but your partner in property.

 Call today to register your interest and to discuss how this strategy can work for you.

 Average range between US$19K – US$150K

 More details on this property…

 Contact: Paul Wilson

PH: 0414 987 140

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