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Discover What Opportunity Looks Like

Posted by Paul Wilson

What “Credit Crisis” ? Your Personal Invitation to Become a Millionaire Starts Now. Discovering what opportunity looks like is a key principle to unlocking the secret to financial success. There are many industry experts who’ve had a lot to say about the current economic changes that we are all witnessing and I don’t feel that I have to type another long philosophical version of the same information.

I would however like to give you a few thoughts to consider:

If you’ve been successful creating wealth as a property investor or share trader over the past 10 years I want you to think about the amount of effort, blood, sweat and tears exchanged for the success you have generated. Chances are the two are not even related, onlookers would say that most investors appeared to have Midas touch.

Personally almost every property in our portfolio has increased in value by 117% in less than 5 years and the cash-flow of each of those properties have also had significant increases and I know that story is the same for a significant amount of our clients.

The key to the point I am trying to make:


We have now moved into a new economic climate, the game has changed but the rules are the same.

If you are serious about wanting to become a true property investor and create the wealth that is available in any economic climate I would encourage you to do the following as this is where the rubber hits the road.

Align yourself with a positive mentor or property coach who can help you keep perspective when you feel like you are being bombarded by all the negative media hype

Take a fresh look at your portfolio – understand what your true equity and cash-flow positions are

Become market ready – property is firstly about finances. Property is an investment strategy you implement after you understand you financial position. I encourage you to have more than one broker or financier to look at your situation: The lenders aligned with We Find Houses have achieved some amazing results in obtaining funds that other lenders were not able to access in the past few months. Mostly this is because we align with switched on brokers who understand the credit industry and the needs of property investors

Position yourself in the loop so when a great opportunity comes along you are ready to take action: In the past two months we have delivered opportunities to our clients where the gross equity they will gain from the deal ranged from $100,000 to $500,000. These were affordable opportunities priced below $400,00

I am so passionate about this that I am making myself available to speak directly with those who want to make a difference by taking action NOW. Phone 1800 600 890 or email me direct to

Don’t let finances be tied to your identity. Successful people are not only measured by money, truly successful people don’t make money their life. I struggle to see how money in itself can fulfill you.

If you position yourself to create wealth the contribution you can make to others will be fulfilling and you can make a world of difference to those you assist due to your success. I encourage you to believe in yourself and continue to succeed, it’s time to stand up and be an example of encouragement and hope to those who are letting the negative media hype and fear of change freeze, imprison and blind them from being able to participate and grow from the opportunities created when a “Crisis” happens.

I encourage you to give feedback on this article as I would like to share your feedback with others so we can generate a positive viral campaign administering antivenom to fight all the media negativity.Please feel free to email me directly on

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