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Embracing Your Discontent

Posted by Paul Wilson

I’ve long thought that discontent has copped a bad rap.

In an age where we are financially, medically, technologically and educationally more advanced than any other time in history, we’re meant to be celebrating our good fortune, our blessings and abundance. How could we possibly be discontent? Is it selfish or greedy to want more?

I think it all comes down to the negative perception of discontent. Those same advances I mentioned that we need to be grateful for, were born from discontent on some level.

Discontent doesn’t mean you’re ungrateful or dismissive of what you’ve achieved, it just means that you acknowledge that you can do more, be more and achieve more – and I think it’s a powerful motivator.

Discontent is what drives progress, it’s what keeps us striving for bigger and better things – not just personally, spiritually or vocationally but also financially.

Whether you are actively trading time for dollars, running your own business or building your wealth through the same methods that generations before you have used, I say embrace your discontent. Challenge your thinking that those pathways are the only options available to you.

      • Be dissatisfied,
      • Be hungry for more
      • Be discontent

but hand in hand with that, be and channel that discontent positively for growth and progress in any area of your life.

If you want to embrace your discontent and challenge yourself to progress financially, then reach out to me and let’s discuss the many pathways available to you to transform your income, whatever level it is, into real and lasting wealth.

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