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Invest - It's Time!

Nobody has ever retired on intention alone. Make today count by taking action and putting yourself on the right path towards a secure retirement.

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Deciding to invest is just the first step – but what follows?

How do you decide where to buy, what’s a good deal and will this work for me? And what about your investment style – are you time poor and need an expert team working on your behalf or do you prefer a hands on approach?

Work with a qualified and trusted team who grow with you and help ensure you avoid a cookie cutter approach to property investing.

Whatever your preference, we have flexible investing options that suit every type of investor.

​Buyers Agency

For time poor or inexperienced property investors, capitalising on the expertise and value that a We Find Houses Buyers Agent provides is the competitive edge that many property investors struggle to find.

This competitive edge enables our clients to access properties that just never make it to the open market, and/or successfully negotiating to secure an open market property over another competitive buyer.

Whether you are an experienced investor looking to streamline, balance or diversify your portfolio, or a new investor looking to take advantage of an established network and knowledge base, using a buyer’s agent is a great way to ensure you minimise risk when you invest in property.

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WFH Direct

A free of charge service available to all investors.

We access established properties direct from home owners as well as brand new or to be built properties which are not on the open market.

We also match brand new properties which meet the strict criteria for Self Managed Super Fund Investors.

As a WFH Direct client you benefit from us acting as your eyes and ears. We provide you with an extra level of protection and peace of mind throughout the entire buying and/or building process.

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For investor's who want a hands on approach and be in full control of their property investment journey, our Property Mentoring Program offers the perfect solution.

We actively work direct with you to build wealth through property investment all with the security of having the one on one support of Paul Wilson, a Property Investment Adviser with 25+ years practical experience across a multitude of investment strategies and markets.

You will benefit from comprehensive education, unbiased guidance, transparent advice and flexible support that allows you to confidently put your learning into immediate action while still having someone on your side, guiding you every step of the way.

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Armchair Development™

New Investors with as little as $30K, Experienced Investors who are frustrated by the low returns banks offer on term deposits, or SMSF investors wanting stronger returns without having to invest in the share market can access returns of 20%+ on their capital by sharing in the profits generated via small to medium residential property development projects.

We Find Houses aligns with experienced developers that have an excellent track record of delivering successful projects and return success, to provide WFH investors access to property development profits without having to incur any costs or having to buy a property.

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Learn the 7 Deadly Mistakes Property Investors Make & How To Overcome And Avoid Them by downloading our free E-Book written by successful investor and investment mentor Paul Wilson.

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Learn how to grow your wealth through your property investment portfolio by downloading our free E-Book.

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