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If you're not happy with the output, change the input!


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If you want to succeed as a property investor and at life in general, then you need to build both your knowledge and skills – the foundational elements of success.

When it comes to property investment education it can be hard to find that perfect match of quality education, practical learning and relevant skill development.

Too many people spend their days repeating what is not working or their time is consumed with unproductive tasks through following so-called “education programs” that leave them debt rich and knowledge poor.

Instead, I’d like to invite you into my coaching / mentor program where I work with you one-on-one, utilizing my 25+ years of successful personal property investment experience across of range of strategies and markets. This program focuses completely on your individual circumstances. There is no cookie cutter approach, and no undercover sales agendas.

You won't be subject to a program where the content and training is padded out yet completely irrelevant to your needs or reality.

There’s never been a better time than right now to start working through the best formulas, strategies and tools which you need to master, to position yourself for the best chance of success.

Too often I hear complaints that courses seem to go off on their own tangent where it's clear that the agenda is to overload you with content and needless “busy work” that you have no hope of ever ploughing through, where the only investment you have managed to make has been your precious time and hard earned money and to add insult to injury, at the end you are left more confused than where you started and still haven't yet bought a property.

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You might be new to property investing and seeking to shorten your learning curve and save not just time but also the financial toll of costly mistakes.

Maybe you already have experience as a property investor but feel you need to more efficiently leverage your time and knowledge or perhaps you're finding your strategy is just not serving you any longer and you need a fresh approach.

If you can relate to any of this then you've come to the right place.

Even if you only apply one tool or strategy each month, soon you will start building the momentum you need to achieve success. I encourage all my clients to hit the ground running and put what they are learning into immediate action. We can implement our coaching/mentoring program to run side by side with your acquisition strategy so your property portfolio starts growing in the quickest time possible – all with the safety net of knowing you have an expert on hand to run ideas and strategies past.

Can you imagine spending two years learning the theory of driving a car before you're even allowed behind the wheel. No way! You want to get on that road. Yes, we need to put in strategies to ensure you know the road rules and how to judge the driving conditions to keep yourself safe but we also support you by being the experienced driver beside you as you start off. Just like when you first learned to drive - there is often no better way to learn than by experience itself.

I want the same for you as a property investor. Knowledge without action is as good as having no knowledge at all.

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I am amazed by the number of investors I have spoken to over the years who have been to the big seminars, you know the ones where they sell very expensive content in a "one size fits all" and "student support student" business model where the only people getting wealthy are the ones running the seminar selling repeated cookie cutter content to the masses with no care really if you implement it or not. Sure some rise to the surface and get results and they are then used as the "Poster Student" to give hope to all the others, so the operators can leverage more sales out of the "Hope" that they can achieve that too.

I actually know about some of the "Poster Students" they talk about and the funny thing is that they actually are not living the success that the event promotes them to be living.

I don't want your journey to be left to chance! I don't want you to be a Seminar Junkie. And I certainly don’t want to “staff out” the education of my coaching/mentoring clients – you are investing in my time, knowledge, qualifications and expertise – so it is me that you should be working directly with, not a “mini-me”.

I don't want to hold you back to make sure you have completed all the modules first because I have some ego and agenda about how I want to deliver my training to you. Instead I want to get your market ready and active in the market as quickly as possible, knowing that I am there coaching and supporting you every step of the way.

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Ultimately you will cover an extensive level of training and develop skills that will stay with you for a lifetime and which will help you to excel in other parts of life too, not just property investing.

To express your interest in learning more about the coaching/mentoring program I'd like to offer you a complimentary Action Call, the purpose of this call is to make sure that we are a match. I need you to feel comfortable with me and I need to know that you are a match for me too. I am not in the business of taking a financial or emotional commitment from people who are not quite ready for one reason or another. If after speaking either of us feels that the timing is not quite right for you to make a commitment into my program, I will give you a action list of tasks and goals that you can work towards to prepare you for when we do work together in the future. Either way I am committed to ensuring that after our complimentary action call you have some value that you can start implementing immediately.

Please note, my one-on-one program is not for everyone, it’s not for seminar junkies or serial academics who continually digest information but take no action. If that is you and you want to break this habit in your life and actually achieve a tangible result - then I’m ready, willing and able to help you reach the next level.

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