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What Others Have Said About Us

Recently I had a review meeting with Paul Wilson. I would like to thank the team at wefindhouses for all their efforts in locating and facilitating my purchase of a property in Qld. Kelby, Matthew and Christine were always extremely helpful. They worked really hard to get me a great property.
When there were issues they were always the first to call me and keep me informed. Because of their efforts, I'm now the proud owner of my first investment property! Something I couldn't have achieved on my own. Many thanks to the We Find Houses team.

Richard G, NSW

We recently found ourselves in an unusual spot, for tax reasons we had to roll some sale proceeds into new investment properties in 45 days or less. We wanted to invest in Queensland for the first time and had some specific desires - standalone and dual income properties, cashflow positive but tax effective, no flood plains, growth communities, etc. Paul and his team were able to help us source and select five properties across the region, and provided referrals to local firms for everything from conveyancing to management within our deadlines. We're almost a year on and the properties are performing very well and his recommendations for service providers have been excellent. Very professional, diligent and likeable team.

Jim and Marla NSW

I had We Find Houses recommended to me by a business colleague and contacted them to assist me with the purchase of an investment property. Three months later I had a contract organised and am now the owner of a new 2 bedroom apartment. WFH even helped with the finance and put me in touch with a conveyancer and lawyer. They made everything easy and I am now looking for another property!

Carol K QLD

I have found Paul to be a genuine, helpful and very knowledgable guy without that sleazy sales person feel. Which is extremely hard to find in this industry. Everyone out there seems to be 'selling' you some story or product or house whether it's in your best interests or not. I truly believe Paul and the team have my best interests at heart each and every time I speak to them. Couldn't be more happier I found them.

Kyle M QLD

The whole team at We Find Houses are really down to earth, knowledgeable and have no high pressure sales tactics - so refreshing after dealing with so many slick operators pushing their own agenda. So happy I chose We Find Houses - Paul and his team have been so knowledgeable, patient and helpful every step of the way - can't recommend them highly enough.

Maureen D QLD

After to talking to other property investment advisers Paul was by far the most easy going and knowledgeable I have met, offering business and investment advice with proven success through himself and his team at "We Find Houses" I've been able to make clear and informative decisions towards building my investment portfolio.

Paul E QLD

Paul and his team are excellent to deal with. Knowing very little on the market and where to look WFH were my perfect solution. They were very helpful and within no time they helped me purchase my second investment property. Anyone like me wanting the guidance I highly recommend Paul and his team.

Trent J QLD

Not only is Paul the most down to earth genuine person you will ever meet he also has such a friendly, knowledgeable and educated team around him. I have enjoyed every interaction with We Find Houses and they have helped structure my portfolio for now and into the future. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in property investing.

Nick C QLD

I have just started out with we find houses, I have found them to be very professional & punctual keeping me up to date with what's going on. I really needed to progress my portfolio & having no time I have found that I am in very good hands as Paul & We Find Houses have only my best interests on their minds, a very relaxing & at ease soldier experience so far.

Darrin B NSW

I would like to thank all the team at We Find Houses and We Find Finance. Thank you for taking all the hard work and worry out of property investing. From sourcing properties that fit my budget and strategy, to organising finance. Being new to the property investment game and not knowing the best way to get started, WFH was recommended to me by a friend. After the initial phone call with Paul and experiencing the fantastic service they provide, I have no hesitation in recommending the team to other friends or anyone wanting to enter into property investment. I now look forward to the next purchase and growing my portfolio with the help of Paul and the team.

P, James. NSW

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